Friday, 11 June 2010

12-06-10, Help

My aplogies to Natalie for calling her dog Brandy when its actually Bailey. I am trying to change the name but struggling to find the edit button. Hi to Natalie and Sheila. How did you find this blog. I keep putting in the name of the blog but it doesnt find it, keeps going to a peregrine. blogspot site. Any other blogspot users a very handy hints would be most useful. Is there a screen which shows the number of visits you have had?


  1. I have just tried to find you by putting into google search and up you came.


  2. I found you from the message you left on your old blog:-)
    Also, because I 'follow you' (on your blog, not some creepy weirdo hanging around in bushes) I get all your updates on my blogspot 'dashboard'
    You'll soon find your way around, just explore, it won't break :-) As for stats, I don't know of a way but you can add all kinds of gadgets to your page from the design menu so there might be one there you can choose.