Wednesday, 27 March 2013

A new beginning

Just over a year ago, 10th March 2012 to be exact, Alrewasbirder breathed its last breath.  It was getting a bit dull.  It was getting boring.  I fancied doing something a little different and so I created the Whitemoor Haye blog.  This went OK except for one thing, the birding.  Since the monstrosity that is Whitemoor Lakes outdoor centre was created bird on the lake have massivly reduced and as this is a large part of birding around Whitemoor Haye it has been a struggle to make seeing Robins, Dunnocks, Woodpigeons and Blackbirds exciting.  Yeah OK I get to see Tee Sparrow, Grey Partridge, Little Owl and Corn Bunting on a regular basis, well the first three anyway, and that is absolutely fantastic but it needs more and this was just not happening and it was getting boring.
I have now decided to ressurect this blog, give it another go but this time I am going to bring a couple of my interests in with it, photography and beer.  Birding is number one but if I was not birding I would like to be drinking real ale or photographing birds and other flora and fauna.  its more about me as a person rather than me as a naff birder.  I hope this does work and I get to enjoy writing this blog.  Tell me what you think and I will listen and change if necassary.  Lets give it a ago and see what happens.
All the best

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