Thursday, 26 December 2013

26-12-13, Its the pits!!!

First of all I am replying to some messages, its my blog, I set it up and I cannot reply to messages.  Unbelievable.  Tapper - the Crossbills are favouring a small group of pines in Budby south forest, follow the birders, there are loads of them there.  Rob - happy Christmas mate.

It seems ages since I broke up from work but with either the weather being rough or me too drunk to birdwatch I was unable to get out until Xmas day and as I was celebrating my 40th birthday the evening before I felt a bit rough to begin with then but the weather was good and I was not going to miss out on a bit of gravel pit birding on Xmas morning.

I have also had my eyepiece returned.  It was not easy and I did have to say a coupe of white lies but its back at last.

25-12-13, Alrewas GP.

4 Grey Heron
29 Coot
2 Wigeon
41 Tufted Duck
1 Pochard
1 Goldeneye
9 Mallard
5 Lapwing
1 Kingfisher

National Arboretum

1 Chiffchaff on river

Whitemoor Haye.

16 Tufted Duck
1000+ Lapwing
11 Coot
12 Wigeon
2 Little Owls


After a beer free Xmas day I had options.  Wales for Hoopoe and Buff-bellied Pipit.  Leicestershire/Rutland to grab a Velvet Scoter, Scaup and Black-throated Diver.  Humber Estuary and Sheffield for Ivory Gull and Two-barred Crossbill.  Each of the above was very tempting but I looked at the weather, the forecast was a lovely day, every man and his dog would be out today Xmas shopping or just out working off yesterdays meal .  I don't do bank holidays away from home too far so once again I concentrated on the local pits.

Whitemoor Haye.

I was on site for about 08.30 and I was greeted with dense fog.  Bugger.  I had a walk about but it was pretty useless, o couldn't even see the pool let alone count ducks, I could just hear Wigeon and Teal.  Around the lanes I also heard a Green Woodpecker and could see a Little Owl in its tree.


I popped home to wait until the sun burnt off the fog and was made up when a male Blackcap was feasting on some fat balls.  We have had a pair turn up for the past three winters.  Hopefully I will see it again next Wednesday.

National Arboretum. 

Very flooded but did see 2 Jay and heard 2 Redshank on the river edge.

Alrewas GP.

31 Mute Swan
3 Mallard
2 Cormorant
82 Tufted Duck
14 Goldeneye
9 Great Crested Grebe
17 Coot
several Mipits
2 Teal
2 Gadwall
1 Pochard
1 Smew (redhead)
18 Lapwing

Whitemoor Haye.

A second visit to end the day

8 Wigeon
c800 Lapwing
25 Tufted Duck
26 Coot
21 Teal
1 Little Grebe
2 Goldeneye
52 Golden Plover
250+ Linnet
1 Little Owl
30+ Tree Sparrow
10+ Yellowhammer

A decent end to the day and made up with finding a female Smew at Alrewas GP. 

With another deep depression heading towards the UK and the forecast for the next few days pretty rubbish I am not sure when I will be out next.


  1. Stu why cant you reply to messages are your settings set correctly anyway good blog only 40 just a baby yet bass took a hammering then lol

  2. Hi, Hadn't realised it was your 40th Stuart, Life gets better and better form now on. Glad you had a good day. Yes I was expecting to log in as I do with Rob's blog, but ended up signing up to google account, and that sent me round in circles because I didn't want to tell them my life history.
    Seen 2 pairs Bullfinches, chaffinches, goldfinches and a green finch, Long tailed tits and a coal tit this morning along with wood pigeons, crows doves jakdaws and blackbirds. Not too bad as I was standing at my bedroom window. Think I've been spoilt. Enjoy the rest of your Christmas break. Lets hope the weather calms down and you find a few birds that have been blown over.

    1. Hi Tapper Don't worry Google account free you can use Google+ bit like facebook great comment about Stu Happy new year to you and Stuart

      Rob the blogger