Friday, 11 March 2016

March 4th to March 11th.

4-3, Worlds End.
One more week to catch up on and it started with an 04.30 pick up, 2 hour drive to Worlds End and an hour and a half sitting watching Black Grouse -in the car - in the freezing cold wind - with the window down - by eck it was cold.  So why? Well, do it and see. They are amazing birds and definitely worth the early morning, two hour drive and coldness to be with them.  Awesome. 

The hills on the far side of the moors were quickly disappearing with snowy conditions so we decided to turn and burn and with snow forecast in North Wales we decided to head closer to home.

4-3, Belvide Reservoir.
My mate has just joined West Mids Bird Club and fancied a visit to Belvide.  In general it is pretty quiet here at the moment but the Scaup was easy to find and we had an enjoyable couple of hours.

4-3, Whitemoor Haye.
The usual birds were around including the WhooperSwan but the bonus was a Woodcock which I flushed whilst looking for Treecreeper, which didn't show.

8-3, Whitemoor Haye.
I was off work for a bit with a chest infection but I needed to get out for a walk so had aslow stomp around the patch and with the Whooepr Swan being there it had clocked up its 100th day on site. 2 Snipe in the ditches were a bonus too and a single Redpoll in a hedge was cracking.

11-3, Whitemoor Haye.
Back to work and a cracking early evening walk around the patch produced not a lot.  No sign of the Whooper Swan, I wonder if it has took advantage of the calm weather and headed north?  There is lots of water at the moment and I am really disappointed for the activity centre as they cannot do much as it is flooded - and if you believe that you believe anything. What do they expect, building on flood plains, tossers.

Anyway, up to date now and off early for a mini adventure tomorrow before getting home and feasting on England v Wales 6 nations decider.  Not going to say who I want to win but I just cannot wait for it.

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