Saturday, 10 September 2011

8-9-11, Belvide Reservoir.

News filtered through on Wednesday of a Sabine's Gull found at Belvide. This is, in my opinion, proberbly the prettiest gulls we see on our shores (or to be precise, off our shores), closely followed by the Little Gull. They are rarely seen inland but with th correct weather can turn up anywhere. I couldnt make the Wednesday night and reading my WMBC book, most birds hung around for a day only so I was very suprised and excited to see the bird found on the Thursday and promised myself I would head out after work if still present. It was and I was on site by 5pm watching my first Staffs Sabine's Gull and whasr a cracker it was. Steve Nuttall and Martyn Yapp had posted some fantastic pictures on their own blogs but the photo I thought was cracking was one taken by Steve Seal where the bird was flying and the tricolor colours looked fantastic. Although it was Belvide, I was not bothered about any other birds, just feasting on this amazing gull although I did see a juvenile Arctic Tern plus the odd Sand Martin. Cracking.

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