Friday, 17 May 2013


Of all the bird on my UK list, which is not that great anyway, one bird has always stood out as a bit dodgy, Temminck's Stint.  My first and only one was at Slimbridge in 2006(ish) and it was very distant and at best only a probable but nothing else was around except said reported bird.  This has always been a bit dodgy on my list and I've always wanted to get a better one so when one was found at Branston pits on Thursday evening I hoped all day on Friday that it was still there in the evening.  Come the evening and the pager gave me the good news of its presence.  After a good walk to the opposite side of the site and some good directions from fellow birders it took me about 5 seconds to get on to the bird, and very nice it was too, also my first for Staffs.  I watched and photod the bird until it was flushed by some plovers and I couldn't relocate it so I headed back and checked out the other pits.  Other birds of note included 1 Greenshank, many Shelduck, Sedge and Reed warblers, Shoveler Ringed Plovers, LRP's, Oycs and Green Woody.  
It was still early evening so I headed to Whitemoor Haye where I joined Tom Perrins (Tame Valley blogger) and we noted 1 Turnstone, Sedeg Warbler, 4 Shelduck, 1 Goosander, 2 Oycs, 2 LRP's, 2 Common sands, 2 Redshank and dozens of Mute Swans.
Im writing this early Saturday morning and I am off to a fishing match today but tomorrow I will be out birding with a new toy, my Sony Alpha 65 camera.  I had a play with it last night and it is a million miles better than the 100 so looking forward to clicking away.  

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