Saturday, 27 July 2013

27-7-13, Whitemoor Haye errrr no wait a minute, Rudyard lake

I was up early after working the bar last night in a very busy canal festival and the first thing I did was check the internet for the Caspian Tern, flew off north-west it did.  Bugger.  I decided I would do some local sites before going to the Kings Bromley show.  after a shower and putting clothes on checked my pager and the Tern was back at Rudyard.  Sod WH, Rudyard here I come.  I know Rudyard well and was able to drive straight to the north end and down the lane and managed to find a place to park right next to where the a load of birders has congregated.  A few familiar faces were already in place and soon I was looking at my first Caspian Tern and what a stunner with a stocking orangey red bill, it was a brute of a tern.  My only slight disappointment was no Common Terns were present for comparison.  I managed a few photos as it stay stood on the mud for a good hour and a half despite the odd short fly around.  Eventually it decided it was hungry and we had great views of it in flight.  A cracking bird.  I'm now off to Kings Bromley show for the afternoon.

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