Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Recent Days.

You may be thinking "Has he gone to the Scilly's as he has not posted" Err, no.  Just been a bit lazy really.  Well not lazy but a bit busy thinking about it.
19th and 20th October saw me at fishing matches, yep all weekend.  was it worth it?  Was it @X@X!!!!  Rubbish really but on the bright side that is my last fishing this year so it has all been broken down and put away.
25-10, saw me and my work colleague taking part in a Champions day golf match, organiser of our golf society at the course and the winner (I was second actually as the winner could not make it) take part against other societies.  A good day, decent weather, but what about the golf I hear you say!!!

26-10, Whitemoor Haye.
I had a steady walk around the lanes and then checked out the lake before masses of kids took to screaming and paddling.
35 Tufted Duck
18 Coot
8 Pochard
19 Wigeon
4 Gadwall
A staggering and hard to believe 89 Stock Dove
1 Corn Bunting rattling its keys
243+ Lapwing
4 Mallard
1 Hobby which showed on a couple of occasions chasing pipits.
3 Buzzards
A few Tree Sparrow.

26-10, Branston GP.
33 Cormorant
471 Lapwing
12 Wigeon
6 Little Egret
9 Ruff
9 Shoveler
24+  Snipe
533 Golden Plover
2 Curlew
2 Redshank
1 Green Sandpiper.
A massive hoard of sloes which I need to harvest.

A 23 mile bike ride through the winds (quite pleased with that), watch Formula 1 or some of it as I went shopping for ingredients for the Xmas cake, back home to watch the rest of the gp, a trip to harvest previously mentioned sloe berries for this years sloe gin before eventually getting to Whitemoor Haye however it was a bit blustery so a drive around the lanes then a quick check over the lake and the highlights were
240+ Lapwing
6 Tufted Duck
10 Tufted Duck
1 Teal
3 Mute Swan.
Hmmmmmm, crap really.
After that it was home to make the Xmas cake (which has turned out cracking if you just know)
The change in the clocks will ruin any chance of birding in the evenings now, weekends only from now on and I am working on quite a few of them, however this is all about to change as I have got myself a new job, an ecologist for major projects associated with canals.  A staggering job which I cannot wait to start but will have to as I don't start until 16th December.  No more weekends bar the odd one.  More birding.  Happy days.

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  1. Good blog Stu Love see this Xmas Cake looks kike you will have to give on the BASS Who helped to push you that far did it have a motor lol

    Rob the Blogger