Wednesday, 2 April 2014

31-3-14, Kemerton, Worcesteshire

Today I had a site meeting in South Wales and I had a bit of time to get there.  There had also been two Taiga Bean Geese frequenting a small reserve near Kemerton in Worcesteshire, I just had to go.  I was on site early, walked up to the hide, scanned the lake but nothing obvious then on the way back a few geese I a field.  Bins up, lock on BOOM, Taiga Bean Geese.  I have only had Tundra Bean Geese so I was made up with this.
\that's half of the story though.  Looking at the geese I thought I ponly had one and it was associating itself with a Greylag Geese, even flying off with it.  It was only when a birder said they were both Bean Geese I learnt that the Taiga have variations of the orange colour on the beak and the Tundra types have the dark bill with an orangy pink tip as sometimes do Taigas.  Confused, me too.   

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