Saturday, 11 June 2011

10-6-11, Derbyshire Kestrels v Durhan Dynamos.

Not bird news (Kestrels in the title mind) but had an evening at my first T20 cricket match. I am not a huge fan but dont mind watching the odd bit of cricket. Couldnt go to a test though, yawn. It was a good night really with lots of boundaries and music etc. Derbyshire posted 182 in their innings, not a bad score I was told but Durham came in and started well and were doing all right but had a poor couple of overs leaving them needing 15 off the over. Some stunning bowling and Derbyshire ran out winners by 5 runs. An enjoyable night and will try and get there again, this time incorporating a few real ale taverns.
On call for a week so birding will be limited. Just hope the robin hangs around for a week!!!!

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