Sunday, 5 June 2011

5-6-11, Long-tailed Blue.

Do I have any fans of butterflies which read my blog? Reason being I found a butterfly in my kitchen tonight and the curious nature of me needed to know what it was. I photographed it, headed for my reference books and stumbled on Long-tailed Blue. More work on tinternet and it turns out to be a very rare butterfly which is mainly recorded from late July to September.

I managed to get the shot below for records and have emailed the local wildlife group so that a record could be made but if anyone knows who keeps records of moths and butterflies then I could get directly in touch with them.

Excitement over. I emailed Birdguides incase they wanted some insect news and they have replied saying the pupae most likely came from some vegatables and then turned into a butterfly in the house. Oh well, never mind.

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