Monday, 17 February 2014


Well the plan today was to head north and carry on my great run of form and get my fifth lifer of the year, a cracking Yellow-rumped Warbler.  Tuesday I was in Abergavenny on  work business, constantly checking the pager whilst watching for floods.  Wednesday morning I woke up and something was not right, I was dizzy, unsteady on my feet (yep just like a Saturday night after a few pints) and parts of my body quite numb.  I didn't take much to figure out I was have an MS relapse.  Bugger.  As the week went on it was pretty much confirmed and my chances of getting to Durham were faint, I couldn't drive far and travelling as a passenger would make me sick.
Saturday I decided to have a rest day but I did venture around Whitemoor Haye. 
I noted 2 Mallard, 21 Coot, 9 Wigeon, 1 Goldeneye, 6 Tufted Duck, 11 Golden Plover and 300+ Lapwing.
Fradley Junction.
There are a flock of swans at near to Fradley Junction and I am counting them and checking them out as much as possible.  Waste of time?  Maybe but last year I did the same thing to a flock just up the road and one day I found a Bewicks amongst them.  Today there were 39 Mute Swans.
Apologies if the correct terminology was not used, flock does not sound right.

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