Friday, 12 September 2014


I was pretty busy with other things this month so birding was at a premium however I did take advantage of the odd situation.  I was in wales for a weekend drinking but had Saturday morning spare so I hired a car and shot off to South Stack RSPB and Holyhead harbour for a few year ticks. cemlyn would have been nice but I ran out of time.  Once again the rest of the month was local gravel pits however news broke on 26th about a Pacific Golden Plover at Middleton RSPB.  Blimey, I needed that but it was too late on the Saturday to get up there by the time I found out.  Sunday I headed for Whitemoor Haye but I was constantly checking my pager and as soon as news of the bird being present I was up there like a flash and soon after I had PACIFIC GOLDEN PLOVER in the bag.  A stunner albeit a bit distant.  The next day and my mate wanted to go, I was happy to go back and the bird was well close, great views, some decent photos.  Afterwards it was a small trip to Seaswood lake where a Night Heron had been present a while.  We were soon on it, a good nights birding. 

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