Friday, 12 September 2014

September up to Saturday 13th.

The first half of September has had me visit the local gravel pits quite a lot.  It felt like Whinchats were seen at almost every location in the country, with reports coming from everywhere.  I have previously seen them at WH and I was keen to find my own, I love these birds, one of my favourites I think however so far so bad.  I had a training course up at the Tees barrage and we stayed over so the next morning I headed to Hartlepool headland. The weather wasn't at all right for sea watching however I did see a Manx Shearwater at a distance, brilliant close views of a Kingfisher and also caught up on Eider

That's about it really, pretty much up to date now.  Birding has been limited as I have been quite busy with other things on during the summer but I have never lost sight of birding.  Hopefully from now I will try and keep on top of this blog and also I will put on a few photos I have taken.  You haven't missed that too much have you!!!!!!!!

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