Thursday, 30 December 2010

2010 Round Up.

Its the boring bit so I will keep my roiund up sharp and too the point. At the beginning of the year I decided to not bother chasing birds and let them come to me. It started off well but two thirds through the year I was missing seeing certain birds. Whitemoor Haye got a bashing too this year. 90 visits in all but they were all worth it when I found Staffordshire's first ever Woodchat Shrike. Unbelievable when you take a moment to think about. Luck rather than skill thats for sure. In total I saw 180 species of birds (rubbish) and added 5 birds to my life list (rubbish). However I did enjoy concentrating more on the local pits like Alrewas pit, Junction pit, Croxall and of course Whitemoor Haye.

What for next year?

I have decided to go with the flow. However I would love to try and get over 250 birds for the year, that would be ace, and thats why I am having two full days in Norfolk to kick the year off and hopefully nail a few life ticks.

Thats me for a bit, thanks for reading this blog and see you next year.

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