Saturday, 4 December 2010

4-12-10, Back garden.

On call for another week so I0 was planning on doing a couple of local sites at least today but the weather weas not the greatest. I was up about 4am and walking around Tescos at 6am, took the dog for a walk at 7am around the back fields and went home for brecky. Unfortunately it was very foggy throughout so it would have been a waste of time going out. A bit later it started to clear up but I was called out, then it started raining and hasnt stopped all afternoon. I did however decide to make a load of fat cakes for the birds - mixing bird food, raisons, and crushed nuts in with melted suet and mold in yogurt pots. Whilst doing this and watching TV, I was doing a garden list as there was good numbers of birds. Birds noted were Collared Dove 5, Starling 22, House Sparrow 8, Blue Tit 3, Chaffinch 4, Great Tit 2, Blackbird 6, Black-headed Gull 7 flew low over, Wood Pigeon 5, Coal Tit 3, Brambling 1 with 1 Siskin and made a few visits during the day, Dunnock 3, Pied Wagtail 1 and 3 Robins. No sign of the Zebra Finch today but that doesnt mean its not around anymore. See you tomorrow.

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