Monday, 30 September 2013


We decided to be on the harbour wall for 07.30 so we could get a good seat on the boat but looking out to sea it was rather choppy and there were a few doubts between the present birders regarding the chances of us going out.  This was soon a reality when the captain turned up and told us it was too rough to sail.  A bit of a disappointment but at least we had a day to chase more birds.  Problem was it was quiet, not a lot was being found or at least reported.  Before we left we had cracking views of a blown in Common Scoter and took photos of the cracking Turnstones around the harbour. After a decent breakfast we plotted our day and the first stop was Filey Brigg for Purple Sandpiper.  A great place but we failed with the Sandpiper but did get another close Scoter, a Wheatear and what was obviously a poorly/tired Gannet which was asleep on the rocks by the path.   Hopefully he/she is now on there way south with the others. A couple of birders mentioned the Red-breasted Flycatcher at Robin Hoods Bay and were we could find it.  This was a lifer for Tony and with not a lot else being reported we went for it.  Without going into too much detail the chaps said a mile walk to the trees and look up.  After a mile and a half we couldn't even find four sycamores let alone a red-breasted Flycatcher.  a few corners later and we found four trees, twenty minutes later I found the flycatcher, five minutes later Tony had it to.  We both fired off a load of photos and watched it for ages before we decided to get back to the car.  This had taken us deep into the afternoon but it was worth it.  Time was getting on so we opted for Whitby for two reasons, one was the ever present Eiders in the harbour and the other was fish and chips, we couldn't come up here without eating fish and chips.  Unfortunately the ever present Eiders were not present but the chip shop was.  Tea was eaten, we were both pretty knackered so we headed home.
A cracking weekend was had, we didn't do brilliant with the birds and we missed places such as Flamborough Head and Bempton Cliffs, you cannot bird on the east coast without going to these places but we were chasing birds not looking for them, selfish yes but hey, I do enough at home to be able to chase every now and again.
Once I get the photos sorted I will get some on here.  

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