Friday, 4 February 2011

2-2-11, Park Hall CP.

Went and did a site visit today in Stoke so spent my lunch time trying to find the Long-eared Owl but failed in finding any. It was a bit windy at the top of the pines and I was wondering whether they roost in more sheltered areas during windy days. Anyway headed back to the car (still using crutches I might add) and thought I saw Marsh/Willow Tit so stood around. Then a Blue Tit appeared with food in its mouth and flew straight into a thick bramble patch then flew off in the opposite direction. Could this bird really be feeding young so early?
I am writing this early onsaturday morning. I have been asked to cover on call for work over the weekend, so as the weather forecast is rubbish, six nations is on and the back is still painful I think birding will be pretty limited but I will try my best to get out.
Cracking first game last night in the six nations saw Wales narrowly defeated by the English.

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