Thursday, 1 December 2011

30-11-11, Fradley Junction NR.

I was working with some volunteers today and when we had finished I saw local birder and RSPB local group leader Bob Russon and he told me a Goosander was on the feeder reservoir. As I was heading home I parked up and had a walk to the reservoir and I was soon looking at a female Goosander which was swimming around the reservoir. An unexpected bird for the small pond. Also worthy of a mention, I drove through Whitemoor Haye on the way to a job and saw a couple of birders and they were counting the Golden Plover in the field near Fine Lane where he guessed there were about 100 birds. I then carried on towards Whittington, passed a field and there was at least 200 Golden Plover in there too. Superb numbers.
I am writing this early Friday 2nd December and saw 7 Bewick's Swans where at Whitemoor Haye yesterday. Hopefully they will stay for a bit as I cannot get there till Satrurday morning and need them for the site year list.

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