Saturday, 14 January 2012

13 & 14-1-12, Whitemoor Haye and a little bit of Fradley Junction NR.

Yesterday and today I have been at worked but manged to finish with about an hour of light left on each day so I decied to head to Whitemoor to see what was occuring. On both occasions I headed off to count the swans first before seeing what was down the lanes. Then it was of to the quarry pool and surroundoing area to see what I could add.
13th - Blackbird, 329 Mute Swan, Canada Geese, Robin, Lapwing, Black Headed Gull, Lesser Black-backed Gull, Carrion Crow, Tree Sparrow, Pheasant, Rook, Grey Heron and Fieldfare down the lanes and 7 Mallard, 1 Tufted Duck, a single gobby Wren and a couple of noisy Jackdaw. The pool was ammazingly empty, dunno whats occuring.

14th - Blackbird, 337 Mute Swan, Black Headed Gull, Carrion Crow, Woodpigeon, Lesser Black-backed Gull, Tree Sparrow, Lapwing, Fieldfare, Magpie, Starling, Dunnuck, Little Owl, Canada Geese and quite a few Blue Tits around.Onto the pool and I added a single Tufted Duck, Robin, Great Tit, Wren, 2 Mallard, 2 Red-legged Partridge and a few Pheasants.

A quick chat with Eric Clare and I discovered the reason why the quarry pool had been so quiet, there have been boats on there from the outdoor centre, rubbish. Whilst I was wasting my time at the pool I noticed lots of gulls coming from the other pool at Whitemoor Haye. These gulls are treating Whitemoor Haye as a pre roost and as we were losing light they took off heading for either Foremark or Blithfield but I was amazed by the numbers. I guess at least 600 to 700 Lesser Black-backed Gulls and at least 1000 Black Headed Gulls. There was a conszytant drip feed of larger gulls for about ten minutes before the smaller gulls got up on mass. Impressive.
Whilst working today at Fradley I managed to see a Treecreeper whilst topping up my feeders. Bonus.

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