Wednesday, 21 August 2013


Well Whitemoor Haye is going through a very lean period at the moment, I popped down the lake and a drive around the lanes and not a lot was noted. A few Tree Sparrows around the pig field and the quarry entrance, a few House Sparrows by Sittles farm, the odd Common Whitethroat, a few Mute Swans and plenty of Lesser Black-backed and Black Headed Gulls heading to roost somewhere. I also heard a Common Sandpiper but these were a fair way out of sight being pushed down the lake with lots of activity from the outdoor centre.
Non-birding, I managed to get out on my bike on the 19th and did 12 miles averaging 15.7 mph, quite pleased with that as I have not been out for a bit. Then last night I was enjoying the great company of a few pints of Southwold brewed by Adnams. Bloody bootiful.
Back to birding and I have booked myself on the migration festival that is being held at Spurn on 7th and 8th September however I am going up Friday, staying Saturday then off to Leeds early Sunday for two Days of golf. Come on. The festival is not everyone's cup of tea but there is plenty set up to do and it's a place I have only visited once before. Just read Martin Garner latest posting on Birding Frontiers and on the same dates over the last few years there have been some great birds found, some which I am needing to grace my little black book. Looking forward to that.
Finally sorry for the lack of pictures, my laptop has now been dedicated to photos and no tinternet, my mothers computer decided it didn't like the Internet and we are waiting that to be fixed and I am typing this on an iPad 4 which as yet I cannot get photos on it as there is no USB slot however I am hoping this will be sorted soon. Then I will bore you to death even more!!!!

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