Thursday, 15 August 2013

Up to 14-8-13

Since adding the superb Night Heron to the black book I have had a few evening visits to WH plus a trip away to Tring to take part in a fishing match.

6-8-13, Whitemoor Haye.
11 Common Tern, 8 Mute Swan, 23 Lapwing, 23 Mallard, 18 Shelduck circled over before returning to the far pool including 15 juveniles, 2 Common Sandsand 1 LRP.

8-8-13, Whitemoor Haye.
18 Lapwing, 7 Common Tern, 2 Common Sands, 12 Mallard, 5 juvenile Shelduck, 2 Red-legged Partridge and 2 Oycs.

9-8-13, Whitemoor Haye.
7 Common Tern, 3 Common Sands, 7 Mallard, 4 juvenile Shelduck, and 1 Little Owl.

10-8-13, Marsworth Reservoir.
We fish at his reservoir because of the big bream that usually feed however for some reason the bream were just not having it except for one person who had a nice bag full. The rest of us were left to fish for roach but some fished for roach longer than others.  Fortunately I fished for roach after the first hour and had a nice net full and came 4th. Quality.  I also enjoyed watching many Common Terns flying around the pool but no Hobby unlike last year when a pair were around.

12-8-13, Whitemoor Haye.
20 Mallard, 6 juvenile Shelduck (I am now starting to wonder if these birds have bred here as the other day the were 3 adults flying around with 15 juveniles, I have only had adults on a hand full of occasions and no one knows what goes on on the far lake either), 7 Common Sands, 4 Common Tern and 6 Yellow Wag.

13-8-13, Whitemoor Haye.
27 Lapwing, 12+ Yellow Wag, 6 juvenile Shelduck, 5 Mallard, 1 Common Sand and 1 Common Tern.

14-8-13, Whitemoor Haye.
4 Common Sand, 3 Common Tern, 6 Yellow Wag and 15 Lapwing.

There are a few signs of the end of summer, it's getting a bit cooler (yippee), the nights are drawing in (boo), Lapwings, Starlings, Goldfinch and Linnets are flocking together, and the return migration has started.  God I love this time of year and this weekend is also Birdfair.  Me and my mother are going on Saturday and maybe I can find a nice present to have for my 40th!!!!!!

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