Monday, 5 August 2013

28-7-13, Whitemoor Haye

It's back to good old patch work after the excitement of the Caspian Tern.  I was out early morning and also in the eveningtoday but The July blues were still lingering over the pool area with only the following of note.  21 Mute Swan, a juvenile Green Woodpecker, the Garden Warbler in its usual place and a few Yellowhammer and Tree Sparrow.  In the evening I noted 2 Common Sands, 1 Oyc, 219 Greylag Geese (I don't usually make a habit of counting geese but these were all pretty well spread out so I decided to practice counting!!!), 2 Common Tern and several Yellow Wagtail, Tree Sparrow and Yellowhammer.

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