Sunday, 5 September 2010

5-9-10, News

After getting up at 3am yesterday, driving down to Somerset to fish a fishing match, which I did rubbish in, and then getting back for 10.00 pm, today I am going to chill. I have just returned from Whitemoor, which I will tell you about later.
For me, one thing in my birding life I would love to acheive is find a special bird at one of the local places I visit a lot. Last weekend I had the next best a way. On Friday a Spotted Crake was found at Willington. Last weekend, after not being able to get on the third platform I remember heading past platform 2, deciding to have a quick look and, as a Spotted Crake had been seen somewhere else that day or the previous day, I remember thinking to myself that this would be a great place for a crake. Five days later and one was there. therefore, I nearly found the Spotted Crake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have had a pain in the groin (dont worry, its not too graphic), for the last few months and whilst playing golf last Thursday I was struggling to walk on the last holes. I had a doctors appointment on friday and it looks like I have torn my groin ligaments. Thats what playing football does for you when overweight and getting on a bit. This means no long stomps over the pits. I have just walked around whitemoor which is 1.7 miles and I am ok but starting to feel it at the end. I have four weeks to rest it and do minor activities only. What do you mean hooray?!!!

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