Monday, 2 May 2011

2-5-11, Mystery gull.

Whilst in the hide I was checking through the birds on the shallows when I came across a gull which looked a bit different. It was slightly smaller than the Black Headed Gulls and had a completely white head with no markings at all, thin black beak, light grey mantle and black wing tips. Once I got these details (I didn't look at the legs), I got another observer in the hide onto the bird. Once I had done that he was puzzled so I tried to get a photo and as I got the camera out the bird took off with a few Black Headed Gulls. I never observed the bird flying as I was standing up but I got a quick glimpse of the birds flying away and they headed in a north east direction but it was not flying high. I searched the east side at Croxall but there was no sign of the bird. It definately was not a Little Gull as I only saw one of these last week and they are easy to pick out. Speaking to other birders Bonapartes Gull was looking good except for the lack of black on the head. I will go out later to see if it returns but anyone visiting the general area keep a good eye out, you never know.

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